We create compassionate space for uncomfortable conversations

to develop inclusive leaders and teams

Awaken offers interactive, thought-provoking workshops that enable today's workforce to address tough diversity and inclusion, leadership, and culture questions head-on. Say goodbye to outdated diversity workshops and manager trainings that have not kept up with the times.


Hello, reality!


Since the 2016 U.S. Presidential election...

  • 1 in 4 employees have experienced diminished productivity and more stress 

  • 87% of employees are distracted, reading political social-media posts during the day

  • Nearly 50% of employees saw political conversation turn into an argument 

  • 24% of tech workers reported having felt discriminated against at their current companies due to their race, gender, age, religion or sexual orientation

  • 57% of workers said they did not know what actions their company is taking to address the issue. An additional 25% did not believe their companies were taking any action

Sources: American Psychological Association, Wakefield Research, Fortune


So what are you going to do? 


Ban political discussions? Not an option.
Hire "diverse" talent and hope for the best? Good luck attracting and retaining them.
Wait for a great company culture to emerge organically? LOL, that's funny.



Address the reality head-on and show your employees that you care.
Empower your people leaders to listen and facilitate open and honest dialogues.
Help your employees show up as their full selves without fear so they can truly thrive.

Let us help.

We bring modern, experiential workshops on inclusion and leadership to transform the way people show up.


Our Most Popular Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

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Redefining Diversity: Exploring Identities

This empathy-building workshop helps teams build trust and  awareness around key diversity & inclusion concepts. This signature workshop creates compassionate space for team members to open up and get to know each other at a deeper level, while building the foundation from which to continue the D&I journey.

Understanding Unconscious Bias 

Unconscious bias and much more. Research shows theoretical awareness alone isn't enough to combat harmful biases. In this interactive workshop, we challenge everyone to unpack their own biases through a whole lot of aha moments while empowering people with practical debiasing strategies.   

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Practicing Thoughtful Allyship

What does it mean to be a thoughtful ally beyond positive intentions and hashtags? It's time to move past intentions into action. In this action packed workshop, you'll learn about allyship best practices and get a chance to practice building your "courage muscle" in a compassionate environment. 


Ok, sounds good on paper. But don't take our word for it -- check out what others are saying!

Introducing Awaken's

Modern Manager Training Program

Because being inclusive makes you a great manager.

What is it? 

We believe being an inclusive manager is a prerequisite to being a great manager. Awaken's Modern Manager Training Program™ combines best-in-class manager training curriculum with foundational Diversity & Inclusion education.

Modern Manager Program Courses

  1. Unlocking High Performing Teams through Inclusion
  2. Unconscious Bias Training for Managers 
    • Part 1: Debiasing Your Feedback 
    • Part 2: Equitable Work Delegation & Inclusive Goal Setting 
  3. Self-care for managers 

People freakin' love us.

(but we're not for the faint of heart)

Leaders who partner with us are serious about creating lasting change.
We work with leaders and organizations committed to real change.

Take a look at some of the brave organizations that chose to go beyond just "checking the box."

Awaken NYC Team!!

Awaken NYC Team!!

Facilitators did a really great job taking everyone’s contributions and responding thoughtfully, making people feel heard while keeping the group process and vibe on the rails.
My friend had an unconscious bias training at his company and said it was useless. I came to the workshop with a pretty low bar but this was actually really useful and inspiring!
I really enjoyed the combination of individual and group work. Very insightful and highly enjoyable experience!
This workshop needs to be taken by every executive and every employee. Seriously.
I feel grateful to be working at a company that provides a space for us to reflect and learn about ourselves and talk about how to bring our whole-selves to work
One of the greatest challenges to overcoming our own implicit biases is our failure to acknowledge them. Having the opportunity to learn the nuances of microaggressions by going through powerful simulations has forever changed the way I confront my own subjective view points and has encouraged me to question those around me. Awaken challenges you to think critically about your thoughts and actions, especially when those implicit biases may have unintended consequences for the social and professional trajectories of others.
Our team brings all the fun to the yard.

Our team brings all the fun to the yard.

Michelle, tell your dad you’re doing good work.
I really appreciated all of the tangible, actionable strategies that were based on real examples, as well as the acknowledgement that there isn’t one way to handle any situation, calling compassion into the learning process.

Want to know what the hype is all about?

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Our unique philosophy:

Incremental Awakening™

We approach our education with compassion and an incremental mindset, fully recognizing becoming “socially conscious" is a continuum and there is no true mastery. We welcome people on all stages of their awakening journey and provide incremental steps to empower them to take action, no matter how small.