Hey there, changemaker!

Awaken is looking for part-time facilitators to join our amaaaaaazing team in the Bay Area (NYC stay tuned!).

(And you found this page because someone we trust and respect thinks YOU are amazing, too!) 

 Awaken Team and Inclusive Leadership Program Series Participants in 2017

Awaken Team and Inclusive Leadership Program Series Participants in 2017

About Awaken

Awaken delivers interactive diversity & inclusion workshops to organizations (mostly for-profits, but we work with nonprofits and education institutions, too!) with the mission to develop more inclusive leaders and teams. We achieve this by creating compassionate space for conversations that may sometimes feel challenging or uncomfortable. 

For too long, D&I workshops have been just “checking the box” for companies without actually changing people’s hearts, minds, and behavior. Awaken fills this gap by bringing social justice oriented experiential D&I workshops that go deeper, challenging people to embrace discomfort, and encouraging people to ask questions they’ve been too afraid to ask.

We’re the “underdog” in this corporate D&I world and we’re super excited about the traction we’re getting.

You can check out our website and blog to find out more about our philosophy and beliefs. Oh, check out this post Michelle wrote about why she decided to co-found Awaken.


Who are we looking for?

Our dream team member is..

  • Passionate about social justice (social justice / grassroots community organizing background is a big plus)
  • Understands and can articulate foundational social justice concepts such as identities, privilege, power, allyship, intersectionality, systemic oppression, internalized oppression, cycle of socialization, etc.
  • Comfortable navigating difficult conversations and addressing at times provocative questions around diversity & inclusion
  • Able to embody both compassion and criticality in educating people from all levels of awareness:
    • Examples of compassion: patience, taking the time to explain terms / ideas, understanding everyone’s on a different journey, listening for common ground, giving people a chance, not shaming / dragging when mistakes occur, calling people in vs. out
    • Examples of criticality: not ignoring / glossing over problematic comments from the audience, challenging people’s perspectives, prioritizing the safety and need of marginalized people in the room
  • An engaging facilitator who can vacillate between being energetic, positive, and upbeat, and being calming, firm, and assertive
  • Responsive, organized, and reliable
  • A believer of the work we’re doing -- folks who believe change (no matter how small) is possible and needed in the workplace!  
  • Willing to do the emotional labor and display empathy and compassion towards people across different identities and awareness-level (while simultaneously drawing boundaries as needed to prioritize and care for self!)  

>> Emotional Labor Disclaimer <<

We want to be 1000% honest, doing this work requires a lot of emotional labor. At times, you will be in front of a group of nay-sayers who are resistant to engaging because they simply don’t want to be there, or people who get extremely defensive about their version of reality. Sometimes, people may directly challenge or disregard our lived experiences and trauma. We believe drawing healthy boundaries to preserve yourself is a necessary act of self-care and resistance, so we understand this work is not for everyone.

 Let's be real. Sometimes, we feel like this.

Let's be real. Sometimes, we feel like this.

The Application Process

 The dream team wants YOU!!

The dream team wants YOU!!

To become a Facilitator with Awaken, you will need to...

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Interview with Awaken team members
  3. Attend a mandatory in-person facilitator training (1 full day sometime in Jan or Feb) and pass the initial certification day-of
  4. Successfully deliver at least 1 Awaken workshop (paid) to a live audience as a part of the final certification process

What fun are you getting into?

As an Awaken Facilitator you will be asked to…

  • Lead workshops at various organizations (typical size of a workshop: 25-40 people)
  • Work with diverse audiences across demography, awareness-level, and learning styles
  • Create compassionate space by meeting people where they are vs. being didactic
  • Be critical and hold people accountable without being condescending or demeaning
  • Hold firm lines on certain political / ethical issues
  • Not educate at the expense of marginalized people
  • Model what we teach (e.g., non-violent communication, consensual intimacy, vulnerability, healthy boundaries, allyship, self-care/preservation) during workshops
  • Provide feedback and ideas continuously as we evolve as a company and team
  • Be who you are and bring all of yourself!


  • Travel
  • Customize our standard curriculum as needed

Extra, if you want...

  • Organize public events, meet-ups, socials
  • Publish blog posts on our blog to showcase your voice
  • Pitch new curriculum / service offerings to be brought to market
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Why joining Awaken is the best thing ever

 Join our movemet!
  • Super flexible schedule (Per-workshop commitment)
  • Solid pay per workshop delivered
  • Belonging to a supportive team and network of facilitators who care about doing amazing work and about YOU 
  • Awesome resume boost
  • Opportunities to learn beyond our D&I curriculum (e.g., Entrepreneurship, Sales & Marketing, Startups, etc.)
  • Being a part of an early stage company doing big things and growing!

Ready to shake things up?

Please complete this application by 1/5/2017 at Midnight. If you need an extension or have questions, please email michelle@visionawaken.com.

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