We provide modern, thought-provoking workshops to revitalize people and empower them to act.


Our Philosophy: Incremental Awakening 

We believe everyone is on a different journey and we need to meet people where they are while encouraging and enabling incremental progress. We approach education with compassion and criticality, and we celebrate small successes along the way. We are always learning, as there is no end to the journey of being and staying socially conscious.

This philosophy of Incremental AwakeningTM grounds us in the way we approach the work we do.


So what are we doing about it? 

We provide workshops and facilitation services to organizations to cultivate an inclusive environment where people can thrive as their whole-selves and become mindful, socially conscious leaders. 

Our workshops are interactive, data-driven, and action-oriented, designed to empower people to act. We believe in taking incremental steps, leading people to make positive changes in their lives, community, and the world. From mindful leadership to addressing unconscious oppression/bias, we gift aha moments to people and catalyze them to lead fulfilling lives as their whole-selves. We provide a compassionate space to have uncomfortable conversations, allowing people to step outside of their comfort-zone and achieve breakthrough learnings.

Awaken works with startups, enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits of all sizes.


Our Beliefs

We believe change happens with compassion and criticality

We believe becoming "socially conscious" is a process and a continuum

We believe individuals must be able to bring their whole-selves to thrive

We believe inspiring leaders lead with integrity and awareness

We believe businesses can succeed while being socially conscious

We believe in a more just, equitable world

We believe people can change and grow

We believe everyone deserves to feel deep, revitalizing sense of joy