We empower leaders and teams to lead inclusively and authentically, through modern, interactive, and action-oriented workshops


Why do people love our workshops? 

  • Highly interactive and experiential workshop design
  • Compassionate space for dialogue and personal breakthroughs
  • Multidisciplinary approach, combining best of all fields of study
  • Modern, culturally relevant content optimized for today’s teams
  • Immediately actionable and practical tools to enable real change
  • Meaningful to anyone along the leadership & inclusion journey
  • Absolutely no boring lectures! Nope nope nope
  • Incredibly skilled facilitators you can trust

Our Change Philosophy: Incremental AwakeningTM

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Our change philosophy, Incremental AwakeningTM,  grounds us in everything we do.

We believe in order to achieve organizational and institutional change, we have to start by first transforming individuals. We believe everyone is on a different journey and we need to meet people where they are with both compassion and criticality to create incremental change. 


We are intentional about clients we partner with to create change. 

You should partner with us if your organization is...

  • Genuinely committed to creating culture change, not just a feel-good marketing slogan 
  • Ready to embrace courage, vulnerability, and tension in order to achieve personal growth
  • Interested in a multidisciplinary learning approach from various fields of study 
  • Looking for thought leaders (did you know we're Medium Top Writer in Diversity?) who know their stuff
  • Tired of boring lectures, outdated curriculum, or impractical workshops

Sounds like your organization? Let's talk!


Awaken Beliefs

Change requires both compassion and criticality

Great leaders are also inclusive leaders

Becoming "socially conscious" is a process and a continuum

Individuals must be able to bring their authentic-selves to thrive

Businesses can succeed while being socially conscious

People can change and grow

Everyone deserves to feel deep, revitalizing sense of joy


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