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Awaken NYC Team!!

Awaken NYC Team!!

Facilitators did a really great job taking everyone’s contributions and responding thoughtfully, making people feel heard while keeping the group process and vibe on the rails.
My friend had an unconscious bias training at his company and said it was useless. I came to the workshop with a pretty low bar but this was actually really useful and inspiring!
I really enjoyed the combination of individual and group work. Very insightful and highly enjoyable experience!
This workshop needs to be taken by every executive and every employee. Seriously.
I feel grateful to be working at a company that provides a space for us to reflect and learn about ourselves and talk about how to bring our whole-selves to work
One of the greatest challenges to overcoming our own implicit biases is our failure to acknowledge them. Having the opportunity to learn the nuances of microaggressions by going through powerful simulations has forever changed the way I confront my own subjective view points and has encouraged me to question those around me. Awaken challenges you to think critically about your thoughts and actions, especially when those implicit biases may have unintended consequences for the social and professional trajectories of others.
Our team brings all the fun to the yard.

Our team brings all the fun to the yard.

Michelle, tell your dad you’re doing good work.
I really appreciated all of the tangible, actionable strategies that were based on real examples, as well as the acknowledgement that there isn’t one way to handle any situation, calling compassion into the learning process.

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